How To Fix The Row Counter on A Sentro Knitting Machine

David Williams

Sentro Row Counter

When using a Sentro knitting machine, the row counter is a crucial part. It helps track the number of rows you have knitted. This is especially useful when making items like hats or beanies, ensuring you have the right length. Sometimes the row counter can stop working right, which will cause uneven patterns or wrong size clothing.

Fixing the row counter is not too hard though. There are ways to adjust and repair the counter to get it back on track. This ensures that the knitter can continue making their projects with confidence, knowing each row is counted correctly.

The Sentro knitting machine is popular because it makes knitting fast and simple. A working row counter is key for keeping the knitting going smoothly. The goal is to fix any issues quickly so that you can continue creating beautiful knitted items with ease.

Troubleshooting Your Sentro Knitting Machine’s Row Counter

Is the row counter on your Sentro knitting machine failing to count correctly? Oftentimes, the numbers get stuck, or they don’t advance properly. Here’s a quick and easy fix for this common issue.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Small precision screwdriver or craft knife (like an X-Acto knife): Opt for a flat head screwdriver if possible.


  1. Turn off your Sentro machine. Safety first!
  2. Locate the row counter. It’s usually on the side of the knitting machine.
  3. Gently align the numbers. If the numbers are stuck or misaligned, use the tip of your screwdriver or craft knife to carefully coax them back into the correct position. Make sure each digit is lined up neatly within its window.
  4. Test your fix. Turn the machine on and knit a few rows. Check if the counter now advances as it should.

If the Problem Persists

If aligning the numbers doesn’t solve the issue, there might be a more complex issue with the counter mechanism. Here are some possibilities:

IssuePossible Solution
Broken gearYou may need to replace the counter mechanism. Check with Sentro or a knitting machine repair shop for parts and assistance.
Loose connectionIf the counter seems to work sporadically, a wire may be loose. Examine the wiring connections for any issues.

Identifying Common Issues with the Sentro Knitting Machine

The Sentro Knitting Machine is a popular tool for knitters. However, users may encounter issues with the row counter, yarn guide, and dropped stitches.

Row Counter Malfunctions

When the row counter does not work, the numbers may not align correctly. Fixing the row counter is often a simple process. Here are some steps that can help:

  • Check the counter is clear of debris.
  • Ensure it is properly attached to the knitting machine.

Yarn Guide Complications

The yarn guide directs the yarn through the machine. Problems can occur if the guide is:

  • Misaligned: The yarn may snag or not feed smoothly.
  • Blocked: Clean any lint or yarn buildup.

Handling Dropped Stitches

Dropped stitches disrupt your knitting pattern. If this happens:

  • Pause knitting: Do not advance until you fix the stitch.
  • Repair the stitch: Use a crochet hook to catch and secure the dropped stitch.

Step-by-Step Repair Tutorial

In this section, you will learn to fix the row counter on a Sentro 48 knitting machine. The tutorial includes steps for securing the suction cup and magnet, adding sewing machine oil, and adjusting the handle.

Securing the Suction Cup and Magnet

First, make sure the suction cup at the bottom of the Sentro is firmly attached to a smooth surface. It should not move around. Attach the magnet that connects with the row counter. Ensure the magnet is in the correct spot for the counter to detect it.

Applying Sewing Machine Oil

If the machine’s parts are not moving well, apply sewing machine oil. But use just a little. Apply the oil to the moving parts around the row counter and the central shaft. This will help the parts move without sticking.

Adjusting the Handle for Smooth Operation

Finally, check the handle of your Sentro 48. It must turn easily. If it is hard to turn, look for any wool stuck in the machine. Remove the wool gently. If the handle still sticks, apply a little sewing machine oil to it. This will make the cranking smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up and maintaining your Sentro knitting machine’s row counter is vital for accuracy in your projects. Here’s how to handle some common issues and perform simple fixes.

How do I properly attach a digital row counter to a Sentro knitting machine?

To attach a digital row counter, place it near the machine’s turn handle. Align the counter’s sensor with the part of the handle that will move with each row. Secure it firmly to prevent movement.

What are the steps to reset a Sentro knitting machine row counter?

Reset the row counter by holding the clear or reset button for a few seconds. The display should return to zero indicating it has reset. Make sure to do this before starting a new project.

Can you troubleshoot why a row counter might not be tallying correctly on a knitting machine?

If the row counter is not tallying properly, check for debris that may block the sensor. Ensure it is positioned correctly to detect each row. Also, check if the counter needs a new battery.

Which types of maintenance practices ensure accurate functioning of a Sentro knitting machine’s row counter?

Regularly clean and oil your machine. Remove dust or yarn build-up from the sensor area of the row counter. Replace batteries or reset the counter as needed to maintain performance.

What should I do if my knitting machine’s row counter skips numbers or freezes?

When a row counter skips or freezes, first try resetting it. If problems persist, check the sensor for obstructions or replace the unit if it’s damaged.

Is there a compatible universal row counter for Sentro knitting machines, and how can it be installed?

Yes, there are universal row counters compatible with Sentro machines. Installation typically involves clamping the counter onto the machine and ensuring that it can accurately sense each needle pass.