How to Repair Elytra in Minecraft

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Repairing your Elytra in Minecraft is essential to keep gliding through the skies. An Elytra is a special item that lets players fly, making exploration much easier. When it runs out of durability, it can be repaired using phantom membranes or by combining two damaged Elytras in an anvil.

Using phantom membranes is the simplest method. Players can obtain these by defeating phantoms, which appear when they haven’t slept for a while in the game. Each phantom membrane repairs about 25% of the Elytra’s durability. Place the Elytra and the phantom membrane in the anvil, and your Elytra will be ready to fly again.

Combining two damaged Elytras in an anvil is another effective method. This will merge their remaining durability, giving you one usable Elytra. Keep in mind, each repair increases the experience cost. Regular maintenance will help you keep soaring through your Minecraft adventures without interruptions.

Giving Your Elytra Wings Again

Using Anvils and Phantom Membranes

The most common way to mend a damaged Elytra is with Phantom Membranes. These are dropped by Phantoms, spooky flying mobs that spawn at night if you haven’t slept in a while. Each membrane restores roughly 25% of the Elytra’s durability when used in an anvil. However, remember that anvils have a limited number of uses before breaking.

Combining Elytra in Anvils or Grindstones

If you’re lucky enough to have two damaged Elytra, you can combine them in an anvil or a grindstone. This will create a single Elytra with the combined durability of both. Using an anvil will preserve enchantments but cost experience levels. A grindstone will offer a slight durability bonus but remove any enchantments.

Mending Enchantment

A more sustainable method is to enchant your Elytra with Mending. This rare enchantment allows the Elytra to repair itself using experience orbs you collect. While a Mending book is difficult to obtain, it offers a long-term solution for keeping your Elytra in top shape.

Elytra Repair Methods:

Phantom MembranesAnvil, Phantom MembranesPreserves enchantmentsLimited uses of anvil, requires finding Phantoms
Combining ElytraAnvil or GrindstoneEasy if you have two ElytraLoses enchantments with grindstone, expensive with anvil
Mending EnchantmentAnvil, Mending bookMost sustainable long-term solutionDifficult to obtain Mending book

Understanding Elytra

Elytra are special wings in Minecraft that let players glide through the air since they are found in end ships within end cities. Knowing how to use and maintain them is important for any player.

Origin and Uses

Elytra come from end ships inside end cities. Players must defeat shulkers to get to the treasure room. End cities are located in the end, which is a difficult area to reach.

These wings let players glide, making travel faster and more fun. They can help escape danger or reach hard-to-get places. Elytra are worn in the chestplate slot like armor. This provides another layer of versatile protection for players.

Durability and Damage

Elytra have a limited durability which can wear out over time. Each elytra has a maximum durability of 432 points. As players glide, these points decrease. When the durability hits zero, the elytra are considered broken but can be repaired.

To repair, use either a phantom membrane or combine two damaged elytra using an anvil. One phantom membrane repairs 25% of its max durability. To prevent wear, keep an eye on the durability bar to avoid being stranded in mid-air.

Enchantments and Effects

Elytra can be enchanted to extend their lifespan. The two main enchantments are Mending and Unbreaking.

Mending repairs the elytra as players collect experience orbs, so it’s very useful. Unbreaking decreases how fast the elytra wear out. Both enchantments can be applied at an anvil using enchanted books.

Properly using these enchantments can make elytra last much longer, making them reliable tools for exploration and adventure.

Understanding how to find, use, and maintain elytra can make a big difference in a player’s game. Being prepared with the right materials and knowledge will ensure a smooth and exciting experience.

Repairing Elytra

Elytra are vital for flying in Minecraft, but they wear out. Repairing them keeps your adventures going. This section covers using an anvil, a grindstone, and applying the Mending enchantment.

Using An Anvil

To repair Elytra with an anvil:

  1. Place the anvil on the ground.
  2. Open the anvil’s interface by right-clicking it.
  3. Put the Elytra in the first slot.
  4. Place a phantom membrane in the second slot.

One phantom membrane restores 25% of the Elytra’s durability. Repeat as needed. Each repair increases the “prior work penalty” making future repairs cost more experience points. This method keeps enchantments.

Utilizing a Grindstone

Elytra can also be repaired using a grindstone, but with a key difference. The grindstone combines two damaged Elytra to create one with higher durability.


  1. Open the grindstone’s interface.
  2. Put the two Elytra you want to combine in the slots.

This method removes any enchantments. It is best for players without enchanted Elytra or when just starting. The grindstone doesn’t cost experience points.

Mending Enchantment

The Mending enchantment uses experience orbs to repair Elytra automatically. You need to find or apply the Mending enchantment to your Elytra first.


  1. Add Mending to Elytra using an enchantment table, anvil or enchantment book.
  2. Once added, collect experience orbs to repair your Elytra.

Experience from mining, fighting mobs, or other activities repairs items with Mending. This avoids the cost and hassle of phantom membranes or combining Elytra. If you pair Mending with Unbreaking, it ensures a long-lasting flight.

By following these methods, players can ensure their Elytra stays in great repair throughout their adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elytra repair involves specific items and methods. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers.

What items are needed to repair elytra in Minecraft?

To repair an elytra, players can use an anvil and phantom membranes. Gathering these items will make the repair process straightforward.

Is it possible to repair elytra using leather?

Leather cannot be used to repair elytra. Only phantom membranes or the Mending enchantment can fix broken elytra.

How does one apply the Mending enchantment to elytra?

Mending can be applied to elytra using an enchanted book and an anvil. This process allows the elytra to repair itself with experience orbs collected by the player.

What is the process for repairing elytra in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

The process for repairing elytra in Bedrock Edition is the same as in Java Edition. Use an anvil and phantom membranes to restore durability.

How much experience is required to repair elytra in an anvil?

Repairing elytra with phantom membranes in an anvil has an enchantment cost. The cost increases with every repair but starts at a few experience levels.

Can you get phantom membrane without killing phantoms?

Phantom membrane can only be obtained by killing phantoms. There are no alternative methods to acquire it.