Is Buying A Floor Model TV Safe?

Matt Hoffman

Floor Model TV

Yes, it’s generally safe to buy a floor model TV. Just make sure you have some sort of coverage in case things go south quickly. Usually the store will honor at least a 30 day warranty on them – but haggle a little and see if you can get additional days/months. Whatever you get can protect you in case the TV has any issues.

What Are Floor Models

Floor model units are usually showcased in stores for at least 6 months to a year so customers can assess the product’s features and quality. Floor models are commonly discounted because they are open-box items and are continuously utilized in a store environment. This can be attractive to those who are looking to save money on a television, but there are certain factors to consider to determine if a floor model is a good deal.

Weigh the pros, such as lower prices, against the potential risks like wear from prolonged display use or minor cosmetic damage. Although these TVs are generally in working order, they have been turned on and running for store hours, which means they have more hours of use than a brand new, boxed TV. Shoppers should fully understand the warranties or store policies in place before making their purchase to ensure they are getting value for their money.

Tips For Buying Floor Model TVs

Floor model TVs are often sold at a discount. They can be a great bargain. But they can also have hidden problems. Here’s what you need to know.

Why are floor model TVs cheaper?

Stores want to sell their newest TVs. To make room for newer models, they discount floor models. There might be nothing wrong with these TVs.

Potential Problems with Floor Model TVs

Floor model TVs are left on all day. This can cause image burn-in and shorten the TV’s lifespan. Customers also play with the settings or turn them up too brightly. This can damage the TV and make the colors less accurate over time.

Sometimes retailers will even try to sell returned or slightly defective TVs as floor models. These can have serious issues affecting the picture or how the TV works in general.

How to protect yourself when buying a floor model TV

Here’s how to protect yourself if you’re thinking about buying a floor model TV:

Ask how long the TV has been on display.The shorter the time, the better.
Carefully inspect the TV for signs of damage.Look for scratches, dents, or dead pixels.
Check the picture quality.Make sure the colors are accurate and there is no image burn-in.
Test all of the TV’s features.Make sure the remote control, HDMI ports, and other features work correctly.
Negotiate the price.Since floor model TVs come with a bit of risk, don’t be afraid to ask for a larger discount.
Buy an extended warranty.This will protect you if the TV breaks down after you buy it.

Is buying a floor model TV worth it?

It depends

If you get a good deal and the TV is in good condition, buying a floor model TV can be worth it. Always do your research, so you know what you’re getting into.

Key Takeaways

  • Floor model TVs offer potential cost savings but come with considerations such as wear and previous usage.
  • Assessing the condition and understanding store warranties helps in making an informed purchase decision.
  • Ensuring a good deal involves balancing the reduced price with the TV’s current state and remaining lifespan.

Understanding Floor Model TVs

When eyeing a floor model TV, you’re considering a unit that has been on display in a store. These TVs may offer cost savings, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons, inspect their condition, understand warranty options, and consider where to buy for the best deal.

Benefits of Floor Model TVs

Floor model TVs often come with significant discounts, which is a major draw for shoppers. These models have been out for people to see and test, so they’ve often been running for a while, but they often showcase the latest technology and features including 4K resolution and smart TV capabilities. You might find high-end brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, and others at a reduced price.

Potential Risks and Considerations

The main risks involve wear and tear from constant use and potential burn-in on OLED TVs. Check for any physical damage and ask about any technical problems that might not be immediately visible. Remember that refresh rates, HDR capability, and picture quality could be affected by long-term use in the store.

Evaluating Condition and Specifications

Inspect the TV thoroughly, looking at the screen for scratches or defects, and verify that all ports such as HDMI 2.1 are working. Confirm the TV’s specs, ensuring it meets your needs for screen size and resolution. Make a note of how it was displayed and whether it appears to have been well-cared for.

Warranty and Return Options

Floor model TVs may have limited warranties compared to new-in-box models. Ask the store about their return policy and if they offer any extended warranty options. It’s common for floor models to sell “as-is,” but some retailers might provide limited protection against faults.

Popular Brands and Models

Top brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Vizio, Hisense, and Onn frequent the floor model section. Look for popular models that offer the latest features to ensure you’re getting a good blend of advanced technology at a discounted price.

Where to Buy

You can purchase floor model TVs from a variety of places, including Best Buy, Target, Costco, and Amazon. If you prefer to inspect the TV personally, visiting a local electronics store is ideal. Otherwise, trusted websites can offer deals but ensure they have a good return policy.

Setting Up Your Floor Model TV

Once you bring your floor model TV home, ensure you have all necessary cables and accessories for setup. Connect to any devices you might have, like a soundbar or streaming service, and adjust the settings to get the best picture quality and sound.

Making the Purchase

When buying a floor model TV, customers should be informed about the various aspects of the purchase process. This includes understanding payment options, safeguarding the investment, setting up with home entertainment systems, and knowing alternative choices.

Payment and Financing Options

Purchasers often have the option to pay with cash or credit, and stores like Best Buy and Amazon might offer special financing deals. For those looking at a floor model TV as a good deal, be aware that discounts are commonly available due to the item being used for display.

Protecting Your Investment

To guard against potential issues, buying an extended warranty can be wise. Floor model TVs may not always come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty, so securing additional coverage could save money on future repairs or defects.

Integrating with Home Entertainment

Ensure the floor model TV has all the necessary ports, such as HDMI 2.1 for modern consoles and devices. Accessories like remotes and cables may need to be purchased separately. Buyers should plan for compatibility with existing soundbars and streaming services for a smooth integration.

Alternative Options to Consider

Instead of a floor model, other options include new TVs or open box models. These alternatives might offer more peace of mind through a full warranty and the assurance of a product that hasn’t been continuously operated in a store environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying a floor model TV, consider important factors like its condition, cost benefits and warranties. This provides you with a clearer understanding of what to expect from your purchase.

What should I consider before purchasing a display model OLED TV?

When considering a display model OLED TV, check for any signs of wear or image retention, which can occur after extended periods of displaying the same image. Evaluate the TV’s overall condition and ask about its usage history to gauge its remaining lifespan.

Are there cost benefits to buying a floor model television?

Purchasing a floor model television can come with significant cost savings. These TVs are typically discounted to account for their longer exposure to use and customer handling while on display.

What factors determine the worth of a floor model TV?

The worth of a floor model TV is influenced by its physical condition, age, brand, and technology. Factor in how long the TV has been on display and whether it has the latest features compared to brand new models.

What are the pros and cons of buying a display model TV from a retailer?

The advantages of buying a display model TV include lower prices and the opportunity to inspect the TV in person. On the downside, these TVs may have shorter lifespans due to prolonged use and could lack the latest features.

How can I ensure the quality of an ex-display TV before purchasing?

To ensure the quality, closely inspect the TV for any cosmetic damage, test all functions, and inquire about the store’s return policy. Considering an extended warranty or protection plan may also provide additional security.

What warranties or guarantees are typically offered with floor model televisions?

Warranties offered with floor model televisions can vary. Some retailers may offer the standard manufacturer’s warranty, while others might reduce it or offer none at all. Check the warranty details specifically for floor models to understand your coverage.